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All workshops are $140 each and are offered per session (4-Week Program). See each workshop's description below.


READING READINESS Workshop (Pre-K3 through Kinder 5)

This workshop is for younger students who have not mastered the beginning concepts of reading including the alphabet and phonics concepts for reading. Your child will take part in fun songs and games to help them understand the process of reading and writing while gaining beginning phonics skills. They will become "reading ready" while also practicing letter and alphabet formation, shapes, and colors beyond the early years.  Quality readers will grow in their comprehension and ability to retain and understand materials with greater detail while working on literary elements and developing critical thinking skills more directly. This is the perfect workshop for children who are ready to read but haven't been exposed to a program to properly prepare them.


WRITER’S Workshop (2nd-6th Grade)

Help your child become a better writer with Writer’s Workshop where children learn how to creatively put information together. This workshop allows your child to become more expressive in detail and tap into creative writing. Learn how to make clear statements with punch line transitions and conclusions that grab your audience. Let’s do more than talk about the Writer’s Process. Let’s get some experience doing it!  Children are great writers when they have the correct vocabulary and comprehension to add color to their writing. This workshop allows students to explore their own creativity and gain confidence in their writing ability while modeling great writers!


MATH READINESS Workshop (Pre-K3 through Kindergarten)

Math is a part of living a knowledgeable life and math can be easy to learn and fun!  It is important to discover what makes a well-learned mathematician! Younger students will be introduced to new concepts that they have not been exposed to. This will help them get ready for the next grade while having fun exploring Mathematical concepts. Younger students will learn the basics from one-on-one correspondence to the importance of perceiving the true value of a number. This workshop is best for students who need to strengthen their beginner math skills and master basic operations of addition and subtraction.


All clinics are $35 each and offered weekly. See each week's clinic and description below.

Week #1: Praise Dance & Mime — JUNE 20-23 (Session 1)

This Clinic will give your child the opportunity to show creative expressions of movement and acting to show praise to God.  We will introduce Creative Praise Dance through blending motion and rhythmic and graceful movements. A song will be chosen and acted out using various dance forms to convey the meaning of the verses of the song. The children will learn some creative praise dance basic signs and movement for words and be taught how to be creative in their expression to an audience. This clinic will also include Mime Praise Dancing which is a form of praise dance that is acted out without using words. They will be introduced to the development of a storytelling form, using gestures and specific movements to keep an audience engaged in the story.


Week #2: Cheerleading — JUNE 26-30 (Session 1)

Learn all the beginning fundamentals of Cheerleading! Cheers, Motions, Dance, Jumps, Kicks, Voice Projection, and Beginning Tumbling. Campers will be divided by ability and learn beginning to advanced cheering routines.  If your child has taken the class before, they will advance further.  The campers will be taught one full cheer according to their skill level.  We ask that your summer camper pack a t-shirt and leggings for this clinic to change into. They will be taught by an actual cheerleading coach!


Week #3: Paint Your Own Porcelain Piece — JULY 5-7 (Session 1)

It's time to create and paint! Your child's fantastic, fun, and creative imagination will be put to good use!  Students will enjoy expressing their personal creativity as they make and paint a high-quality porcelain piece.  They will paint and oven-bake this beautiful shining creation. Many kids enjoy doing the porcelain paintings so don’t wait to sign up!  We only have 15 spots.

Week #4: Tee-Ball for Boys & Girls —JULY 10-14 (Session 1)

Give your child an introduction to baseball and softball through Tee-Ball!  Providing a Tee-Ball experience that is grounded in fun, fitness, and fundamentals is key to growing a child’s love for the game. They will play fun drills and games to introduce them to hitting off of a tee, throwing, catching, fielding, running, and physical activity.  They will have positive reinforcement and gain a positive introduction to the sport. Youth who do not need a Tee will advance to the next level. This is going to be "a knock out of the park" clinic for both boys and girls!


Week #5: STEM: Science, Technology Engineering & Math—JULY 17-21 (Session 2)

This clinic will teach the brain how to think in multiple dimensions in this amazing interactive stem class. The challenge is from beginner to expert so every child can be challenged to dive into balance, proportion, composition, and geometry. As each STEM concept becomes more challenging, the students gain patience and confidence. They will explore everything from puzzles to dragonflies to bridges and buildings. Discover STEM and strengthen fine-motor skills as well as physics, math, and basic engineering skills. This clinic gives kids first-hand experience with the principles of engineering.


Week #6: I Am An Artist Too Just Like Claude Monet—JULY 24-28 (Session 2)

Children are great artists but they need the ability to widen their creative imaginations so let your child paint! This clinic will focus on Claude Monet’s use of Value as an Artist. They will also be introduced to Denman Ross, an American Painter and Art Historian, who introduced the Value Scale. The children will get a further glimpse into how The DaySchool teaches art classes to so they can perceive themselves as an artist. Focusing on value (an element of art), the children will deal with the technical term as it relates to color and light. Through tinting and shading, they will skillfully illustrate the artistic manipulation of light and dark to create a beautiful and skillfully created piece of art just like Claude Monet!


Week #7: Basketball CLINIC—JULY 31-AUG 4 (Session 2)

This CLINIC is taught by a long-time basketball and high school coach that will focus on helping both boys and girls improve and develop their skills by learning basic practice drills while emphasizing the fundamentals. They will practice dribbling, ball handling, passing, and shooting, etc.  Young children will develop their large motor skills in a more challenging environment. They will gain confidence, control, and focus. Older kids will become more solid in the basics. The fundamentals of basketball are the foundation for every individual play, offensive or defensive strategy, and every move that a player will make. The best players have perfected the basics of the game. Sign your child up for this class today.


Week #8: Acting Class—AUG 7-11 (Session 2)

Would you like to expose your child to the world of acting?  Your child will learn what the world of theatre and drama is all about as they dive into acting warm-ups, exercises, and techniques. Their clinic includes learning how to create movement, create characters, and understand space on stage while giving ‘"voice", reacting to other actors, and understanding stage blocking.  Your child will bring all of their acting skills together as they put on a child’s classical tale!

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