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Our DaySchool Summer Camp is for ages 3 and up. Your child MUST be potty trained if they are in the younger group (Ages 3-5).

Hello Parents,

We are excited about 2022 Summer Camp. For our 2022 DaySchool Summer Experience, we will be offering Summer Camp in two sessions. You can enroll your child in one or both sessions for their summer experience. We are including our Academic Enrichment into our summer enrollment automatically for all students because we believe in the necessity of helping them stay academically connected while school is not in session. Swim has also been automatically included (Every Friday).

  • Registration: $100 (Non-Refundable) - This is not a deposit.

  • Session #1 - 4 Weeks (June 20th - July 15th) - $560

  • Session #2 - 4 Weeks (July 18th - August 12th) - $560

  • Toddler School (Only open to DaySchool Families)

  • Clinics are $35 Each

  • Before/After Care is $60 each per session

All Community Families (Non-DaySchool Families) will be added to our ProCare app which will allow you to add authorized pickups and communicate with our teachers, staff, and front office during your child's camp experience. More information on this will be sent closer to the beginning of camp.

We will follow our current COVID protocols, which you can read here. As always, our children must wear masks and temperature checks will be taken at the door every morning. In addition, ALL Summer Students will be required to take a COVID test within 5 days of beginning Summer Camp or Toddler School. This is to ensure that we are all safe and keeping each other healthy. Tests can be taken for free via Curative or through free state testing available in Delaware:

Please read the camp and clinic information below as well as FAQ's.



Academic growth is key to a student’s success. We have included daily enrichment to keep our DaySchool and Non-DaySchool students focused on their summer academic goals. This class will help students grow in their academic journey. The DaySchool Enrichment Class will help them continue to be the top students that they truly are.


  • Praise Dance & Mime: This Clinic will give your child opportunity to show creative expressions of movement and acting to show praise to God.  We will introduce Creative Praise Dance through blending motion and rhythmic and graceful movements. A song will be chosen and acted out using various dance forms to convey the meaning of the verses of the song. The children will learn some creative praise dance basic signs and movement for some words, and taught how to be creative in their expression of this form of worship to an audience. This Clinic will also include a little Mime Praise Dancing which is a form of praise dance that is only acted out, without using words. They will be introduced to the development of a storytelling form, using gestures and specific movements to keep an audience engaged in the story.

  • Cheerleading: Campers will be divided by ability and learn beginning to advanced stunting, dance choreography, and basic cheerleading routines. They will all be taught one full cheer according to skill level. We ask that your summer camp t-shirt, shorts, socks, and sneakers be worn.

  • Make, Bake, & Paint Your Own Porcelain Vase: Fantastic Fun and Creative Imaginations will be put to good use in making a beautiful shiny vase.  The children will shape and design their own creation then oven-bake for a glossy finished work of art! Painting is extremely beneficial because it uses both sides of the brain—all while creating a relaxing and entertaining activity.  A number of kids enjoy this one so sign up quickly!

  • Flag Football: Flag football is especially FUN for young kids because it eliminates the worry of being tackled! Flag football at this Football Clinic will offer the young the opportunity to learn the sport and improve their skills but they do not have to worry about being tackled immediately.   Our Youth flag football also will give children the option to play football with the same fitness and competitive benefits of tackle football, but with less risk of injury.  Along with the physical benefits of playing a sport like flag football, there are also multiple character-building benefits for your child. In this Football clinic your child will learn teamwork, the value of practice, how to compete, good sportsmanship and valuable social skills.  In terms of the sport itself they can learn; Skill position fundamentals with be taught. Campers will learn skills on both sides of the ball including the core components of passing, catching, and de-flagging or defensive positioning - all presented in a fun & positive environment. The week will end with a competitive game giving participants a chance to showcase their skills on the gridiron!

  • Coding 4 Kids: The kids of all ages absolutely enjoy this Coding 4 Kids Clinic.  They are amazed at how they have the ability to direct the actions of these robots. These Robots teach the children basic coding principles as the students program the robots to move in different directions, activate their output gear, light up their LED, play sounds, and respond to different functions. This robot kit also teaches physical engineering and problem-solving skills through a series of building and coding lessons. The 30 lessons are aligned with standards for computer science education developed by the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and the International Society for Technology (ISTE) Education.  The lessons progress in complexity allowing the clinic to be appropriate for a child as young as three years with help from an adult and as old as twelve years.  The students will progress as they master one activity to another. The lessons cover these six key areas in coding: sequencing, loops, events, conditionals, functions, and variables. A number of kids did this clinic three years ago and they were amazed at their ability to code and make objects do what they want them to!

  • Painting on Canvas: The children love this art class.  This year, we are going to challenge them to do their own artistic Landscape design painting on canvas.  Since DaySchool students studied the Art Element of Value this past year. The Summer Camp students will use this element to understand tinting and shading more thoroughly and grow in their paintbrush technique. This knowledge and skill-based class with further expose your child to the beauty of real art.

  • Basketball: Clinic will focus on helping young kids improve their skills and develop their talent by learning basic practice drills and emphasizing the fundamentals. Young children will develop their large motor skills in a more challenging environment.  Our nurturing environment provides an avenue for kids to really feel eager to learn, develop physical confidence, and control and focus. For those in 1st— 6th grade this university coach shares that Basketball for kids is a great way to teach the value of working together for a common goal, sacrifice, and accountability to others. All valuable life skills worth encouraging in our youth.

  • Acting & Drama: In this clinic, children will understand the core concepts of acting and what makes a great actor or actress: Understanding what theatre and drama is, Creating an ensemble, movement and space, and character development, Understanding the “voice”, listening and reacting, and stage blocking, and Bringing together concepts learned and displaying them within a classical children’s tale acted out.

SWIM (at the YMCA)

This year children will go beyond swim time to having swimming lessons. Beginners will develop comfort with underwater exploration and learn to safely exit in the event of falling into a body of water.  This will lay a foundation that allows for a student’s future progress in swimming. Students will also learn personal water safety with these essential skills in all classes:

  • #1  — Swim, Float, Swim - sequencing front glide, roll, back float, roll, front glide, and exit

  • #2 — Jump, Push, Turn, Grab - Rudimentary swimming skills, rhythmic breathing, breaststroke, and butterfly kick

Please note that if your child has already mastered these skills, they will join the "free swim" group.


Before you register your child, we’ve answered some of our most popular questions to help you.


Q: What is a normal day like at Summer Camp?

A: We kick off our morning at 8:30 AM and dive into our Summer Experience. We open with Morning Worship & Chapel. The children then move into the classrooms for Academic Enrichment. Each day we have a special that repeats weekly (Arts & Crafts, Dance, Sports, Music, Cooking, ect.). At 12 Noon, we have lunch. Our younger children will nap for an hour while the older children will dive into free play. At 3 PM, all children join back together for afternoon activities & outside play until you come to pick them up. If your child has signed up for a clinic, they are done prior to lunch.


Q: What are your Summer Camp hours? How does drop-off and pick-up operate?

A: Before Care is from 7-7:30 AM. Summer Camp is from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Their day ends at 3 PM with pick-up running from 3 PM to 5:30 PM. After Care is from 5:30 to 6 PM. Children should eat breakfast at home. Parents and family are to drop off students at the front door. You can pull up right to the front door in the morning and someone will greet your child at the front door and take their temperature. For afternoon pickup, use our ProCare communication tool to alert us that you are on your way with an estimated time. This will help us to prepare your child for pick-up. You have the ability to add authorized people for pick-up within the app. They will need their ID to verify their name.


Q: Do we pay per week or pay per session?

A: Summer Camp Tuition is pre-paid per session. We offer two sessions. You can pay in-person directly to our front office. Please note that all children go swimming on Fridays. We provide bus transportation to and from the pool.


Q: Do the children need any supplies? Is there a dress code?

A: If you are a DaySchool Student, please bring your summer pack to school so that we can work your child through their pack. If your child has a summer reading list from their school, please make sure that they are bringing a book to camp. All students will need to bring a lunch box. We recommend a backpack to keep everything in one place. Our younger children will need to bring their sleeping bags. Sleeping bags go home every Friday for washing. Dress-Code is summer attire. Please note that open-toe sandals/flip-flops are NOT allowed. Due to playing outside, we want to keep them safe. They also need to pack a bathing suit or swim trunks.

The DaySchool for Children

3071 New Castle Avenue, New Castle,DE 19720

Have any questions? Email us at:

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