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Within the seed of every human being is the potential of greatness according to the plans and purposes for which God created it. That seed flourishes best in a loving, disciplined, and nurturing environment. This is an environment that is filled with not only vast knowledge but also wisdom and understanding that continually guides it by a principle. This principle is based on two inners strengths called Faith & Belief. ​ Our task is to cultivate within every child that "potential of spirit". It is vital to us that your children's formative years are spent in an atmosphere free from racial prejudice, stereotyping, and heavy regimentation. We focus on educating the whole person in the "Spirit of Excellence". A caring and supportive community enables its students to develop the skills, character, and confidence necessary to value themselves, and others. We teach your child to hold onto the potential of their own value and then make a notable difference in the world, in the persona of quiet strength.


​Director Dorsey ("Dr.D")
Executive Director of The DaySchool for Children

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