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Admissions at The Toddler School


Our 2024-2025 Admissions for The Toddler School has now entered into "waiting list" mode. We are now opening up admissions for the 2025-2026 School Year for families that desire to join The DaySchool community.

About The Toddler School

Our preparatory Toddler School is an extension of our world-class DaySchool curriculum. It seeks to instill core principles, the highest possible readiness skills, and knowledge into toddlers even at a young age. Our Toddler School is for children 18 months to 3 years old.

The Toddler School at The DaySchool for Children is not a daycare nor an early childhood development center. We provide a true private school education filled with structure and education. Our students are taught in subject format starting at 18 months. Colors, shapes, and numbers are wonderful. However, at the DaySchool we also want a well-rounded student that has comprehension beyond the basics. Our children are not just taught colors but learn the elements of art and understand shades of colors. Our children are not only taught numbers but come to comprehend mathematical principles that are not based on simply memorization. Our toddlers also begin the foundation of reading at our school so that they can grasp other concepts at a faster pace. 

The Toddler School is the place for parents who desire for their child to be exposed to structure, excellent education, and an environment that trains their child to succeed in every area of life. From our potty training practices to our stewardship lessons, your toddler will learn how to become a complete child.


Your child is not only important to us but we see them as seeds that must be placed in the right environment in order to grow. Therefore, we desire to ensure that their daily environment is one that will help them to reach their fullest potential spiritually, cognitively, socially, and physically. We know that those who attend our Toddler School will be much more prepared for the DaySchool Academic Program and any other high-quality school.


Your child will be cognitively surrounded by apparatus, multi-sensory mechanisms and motor development that is designed to build the major connections of the brain. Every Governess and Assistant is thoroughly trained in working with your child to root and develop the fullest potential of the “whole person” in learning, character seeding, physical balance, and tenacious confidence. The atmosphere is one of genuine love, faith, fun, and discovery.

Toddler School FAQ's

Do you offer a half-day program?

​We do not. Our Toddler students experience a full-day beginning at 8:30 AM. Their day ends at 3 PM and pick-up is from 3 PM to 5:30 PM with no charge. Before-care is from 7 AM to 7:30 AM. After-care is from 5:30 PM to 6 PM. 

Are children grouped by age?

Just like our Main School, children are placed in their pods by their academic and social abilities. Our Toddler School is a competency-based program that allows the child to navigate based on their own pace. Please note that while a child's academic ability is very important, we also monitor the child's social abilities so that they are not placed in a pod that would be an incorrect fit.

Do you offer potty training?

Yes, we do. Our Toddler students are potty trained starting with the toddler potty and then transitioning to the adult toilet. They must show mastery of using the adult bathroom before transitioning into the Main School.  

Do toddlers have to wear uniforms as well? Do you provide breakfast or lunch?

Yes, they do. Our uniform partner begins at size 2T for our Toddlers. For Toddlers who are smaller than 2T, we do provide a solution for them to maintain the required dress code. 

We do not provide any food. All of our parents pack their child's snacks and lunch. Toddlers eat often throughout the day, so our parents pack what they know their child will eat. Any breakfast packed must be already made and ready to eat by the Toddler. 

What is your student-teacher ratio?

We have a current ratio of 8 students for every 1 teacher.

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