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Based out of New Castle, Delaware, The DaySchool for Children serves families with children from 18 months to 6th grade. It has been our desire for almost 20 years to shape leaders from a young age. While there are many schools for your child to attend, what sets us apart is our commitment over the years to take the limits off of a child's learning abilities. By doing this, we can show them their God-given talents that they can use to transform the world around them. 

We exist because parents like you value a safe, loving, and secure environment that is focused on not  just high level academics but also the shaping of ones character and moral compass. You value an environment where your child isn't shaped by the world's culture but by God's principles of love, faith, respect, integrity, and service to others. You value a faith-filled environment and loving teachers. You believe in investing in you child's education so that they can have the best options for their minds to be cultivated.

Our parents desire an environment that will stretch their child's abilities while also offering structure that will mold them to value their peers, authority figures, and more. It's not just enough that our children see their representation within their teachers and fellow students. They also realize that they must be proactive and responsible to take ownership of their education as young scholars. We work with them to see that education is also a personal responsibility.


Hello Families,

I am very excited about you learning more about what we have to offer at The DaySchool for Children. The DaySchool is a very unique and powerful incubator for black and brown children of faith. Though small in size, we have a formula of education, character development, and faith that makes us unmatched. If you have been searching for a school for your child that will establish them with a firm foundation in the beginning years, this is the school for you. It would be my pleasure to give your family a personal tour of The DaySchool.

This school holds a special place in my heart as I've been a part of this school for over a decade. My passion is for families to connect with the endless possibilities of growth for their child. In these times, it is more important than ever for children to have hands-on learning, social development, and more. What we offer at The DaySchool can not be duplicated anywhere else.

I look forward to speaking with you and providing you with more information about this amazing school. We've had the pleasure of serving as the birthing place of future leaders for almost 20 years.


Love & Faith,

Genesis Dorsey

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