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The Toddler Summer School of 2023

Dates: June 20th-August 11th, 2023

Hours: 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM 

Before Care: 7:00 AM - 7:30 AM & After Care: 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Morning Schedule

7:30 AM—Before Care

8:00 AM—Drop Off/ Free Play

8:30 AM—Morning Chapel & Prayer

9:00 AM—Academics

(If your child is enrolled in a clinic, it will begin at 11:00 AM)

11:30 AM—Lunch

Afternoon Schedule

1:00 PM—Nap time

3:00 PM—Parent Pick-Up Begins (Free Play)

5:30 PM—After-Care

6:00 PM— Toddler School Closed

Welcome to the Toddler Summer School at The DaySchool for Children! Our summer program is designed to provide your child with a highly academic curriculum, including extensive growth exercises in academic and direct brain-building activities every day. Our focus is on developing social skills, learning to focus, and academic readiness, all while engaging in play-based learning. For children still in the potty-training phase, we provide potty training for all of our students.

At no additional cost, our Toddler Program offers direct exposure to Mathematics, Science, Art, Music, and more. We also ensure that your child is prepared for highly competitive academic programs by teaching them all the basic academic readiness skills necessary for success. Our Toddlers are some of the most academically advanced in the nation.

For parents with children already enrolled in The DaySchool for Children, we want to stress the importance of continuing to develop their knowledge throughout the summer months. This will ensure that they are prepared for the transition to the Main DaySchool for Children Program. We offer a Summer Program that we believe your child will enjoy and that will help prepare them for continued academic success.

Please Note: New incoming families will receive an onboarding pack from Ms.Genesis after submitting registration and your first month's payment for the summer. You will be added to ProCare 48 hours before your child's first day begins. Please read the information below as we have changed our dress code for the Summer Extension.

Toddler Clinics

We are allowing our Toddler Students to participate in four of our Main School Summer Academy clinics.

Week #1: Praise Dance & Mime — JUNE 20-23 (Session 1)

This Clinic will give your child the opportunity to show creative expressions of movement and acting to show praise to God.  We will introduce Creative Praise Dance through blending motion and rhythmic and graceful movements. A song will be chosen and acted out using various dance forms to convey the meaning of the verses of the song. The children will learn some creative praise dance basic signs and movement for words and be taught how to be creative in their expression to an audience. This clinic will also include Mime Praise Dancing which is a form of praise dance that is acted out without using words. They will be introduced to the development of a storytelling form, using gestures and specific movements to keep an audience engaged in the story.

Week #2: Cheerleading — JUNE 26-30 (Session 1)

Learn all the beginning fundamentals of Cheerleading! Cheers, Motions, Dance, Jumps, Kicks, Voice Projection, and Beginning Tumbling. Campers will be divided by ability and learn beginning to advanced cheering routines.  If your child has taken the class before, they will advance further.  The campers will be taught one full cheer according to their skill level.  We ask that your summer camper pack a t-shirt and leggings for this clinic to change into. They will be taught by an actual cheerleading coach!

Week #5: STEM: Science, Technology Engineering & Math—JULY 17-21 (Session 2)

This clinic will teach the brain how to think in multiple dimensions in this amazing interactive stem class. The challenge is from beginner to expert so every child can be challenged to dive into balance, proportion, composition, and geometry. As each STEM concept becomes more challenging, the students gain patience and confidence. They will explore everything from puzzles to dragonflies to bridges and buildings. Discover STEM and strengthen fine-motor skills as well as physics, math, and basic engineering skills. This clinic gives kids first-hand experience with the principles of engineering.

Week #7: Basketball CLINIC—JULY 31-AUG 4 (Session 2)

This CLINIC is taught by a long-time basketball and high school coach that will focus on helping both boys and girls improve and develop their skills by learning basic practice drills while emphasizing the fundamentals. They will practice dribbling, ball handling, passing, and shooting, etc.  Young children will develop their large motor skills in a more challenging environment. They will gain confidence, control, and focus. Older kids will become more solid in the basics. The fundamentals of basketball are the foundation for every individual play, offensive or defensive strategy, and every move that a player will make. The best players have perfected the basics of the game. Sign your child up for this class today.

Toddler Summer Dress Code

Top: Solid Color Polos* (White, Blue, Pink, Yellow, or Gray) — Sleeveless polos for girls allowed

*Polos do not have to be the DaySchool logo polos for Summer

Bottom: Shorts, Khakis, or Jeans (Any Color) (Girls: Skirts & Skorts Allowed)

Shoes: Sneakers, Closed Toe Shoes (No Open Toed Shoes/Sandals except for Swim)

Great places to shop from: Children's Place (Best Pick), Carter's, Old Navy, Amazon


Please pack whatever your toddler will eat. Please provide two snacks (one for the morning & one for after naptime). Please make sure all food is in containers that can be microwaved if the food is hot food.

Supplies (Put Name on Everything)

Backpack, Sleeping Bag, Lunchbox, Water-bottle/Sippy Cup, Potty Training Supplies (Huggies & Baby Wipes) with Name on Supplies


Registration is due by June 9th, 2023. Payments for each month are due the Friday before the month starts.

June Payment Due: June 16th, July Payment Due: June 30th, August Payment Due: July 28th

All payments can be made online using our online store. It makes it easy to submit payments without having to come into the office. If you have any questions or issues with submitting payment, please contact Ms.Genesis.

Registration Steps 


  1. Pay Registration Fee (Non-Refundable) — Click Here

  2. Submit First Payment  Click Here

  3. Await Email from Front Office for Camp Welcome Pack (June 15th)

  4. Enjoy Toddler Summer School

Already registered but need to submit Toddler Summer Payments? Click Here

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the front office via email:

Point of Contact: Ms.Dixie Gardner, School Administrator

Point of Contact: Ms.Genesis Dorsey, Director of Admissions

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