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About Our Toddler Summer School

Dates: June 17th-August 9th, 2024 (See Three Sessions Below)

  • June 2024: $330 (June 17th - June 28th) - Closed June 19th

  • July 2024: $660 (July 1st-July 26th) - Closed July 4th

  • August 2024: $330 (July 29th 5th-August9th)


Hours: 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM (After Care ($45): 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM)

Reminder: Toddler Building Opens At 8:00 AM (Drop-Off at Main Building before 8:00 AM)

IMPORTANT: Please note that our Toddler Summer School is ONLY OPEN to CURRENT Toddler Students or INCOMING Toddler Students.

At The DaySchool for Children, we're excited to welcome your toddler to a summer filled with academic enrichment, personal growth, and fun! Our Toddler Summer School program is tailored to provide young learners, from those still in the potty-training phase to those preparing for more structured academic settings, with a vibrant curriculum that stimulates their minds and nurtures their curiosity. Our program is not just about summer learning; it's a stepping stone for your child's future academic journey. By enrolling your child in our Toddler Summer School, you're ensuring they remain intellectually engaged throughout the summer, laying a solid foundation for their transition into the Main DaySchool for Children Program.

Why Enroll Your Child?

  • Highly Academic Curriculum: We've designed our program to foster academic readiness, focusing on developing social skills, the ability to focus, and a love for learning. Every day, your child will participate in academic and direct brain-building activities that are both educational and fun.

  • Comprehensive Learning Experience: Without any additional costs, we provide direct exposure to essential subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Art, and Music. Our play-based learning approach ensures that children not only learn but also enjoy the process of discovery and creation.

  • Potty Training Support: For our youngest learners still mastering the art of potty training, we offer dedicated support to ensure a smooth and stress-free learning experience for both parents and children.

  • Specialized Workshops Included:

    • Engineering Wonders: Sparking curiosity in the way things work, from simple machines to basic construction projects.

    • Music & Movement: A harmonious blend of rhythm, melody, and physical expression, designed to enhance motor skills and musical appreciation.

    • Artistic Adventures in Painting: Encouraging creative expression through colors, shapes, and textures, guiding little hands to create their masterpieces.

    • Nature & Flowers Exploration: An outdoor journey to discover the beauty of the natural world, teaching children about plants, flowers, and the environment.

The Schedule

Morning Schedule

7:30 AM—Morning Drop-Off @ Main Building

8:00 AM—Toddler Building Opens

8:30 AM—Morning Chapel & Prayer

9:00 AM—Academics

11:30 AM—Lunch

Afternoon Schedule

1:00 PM—Nap time

3:00 PM—Parent Pick-Up Begins (Free Play)

5:00 PM —Toddler School Closes & Children Transition to Main Building for pickup

5:30 PM—After-Care

6:00 PM— Main Building Closed

Please Note: You will be added to our school communication app - "ProCare" 48 hours before your child's first day begins.

Toddler Workshops (Included with No Additional Cost)

Engineering Workshop: Building Little Dreamers

Dive into a world where imagination meets creation in our Engineering Workshop! Toddlers will get their hands on fun, interactive projects that introduce them to the basics of building and design. From constructing simple machines to exploring how things work, this workshop is perfect for little ones who love to ask, "How?" and "Why?" Together, we'll lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning, all within a faith-filled environment that celebrates every small step and giant leap in understanding God's incredible creation.

Music & Movement Workshop: Harmonizing Hearts and Steps

Lift spirits and feet off the ground in our Music & Movement Workshop! This joyful exploration of rhythm, song, and dance encourages toddlers to express themselves while developing physical coordination and musical appreciation. As they move and make music, children will also learn about the joy of worship through melody and motion, connecting with faith in every beat. It's a perfect way to nurture the soul and foster a sense of community and belonging among our youngest learners.

Little Artist Workshop: Painting God’s World in Every Color

Unleash your child's inner artist with our Little Artist Workshop! Toddlers will explore their creativity through painting, drawing, and crafting, using a variety of materials and techniques. As they create, they'll learn about the beauty of God's creation, expressing themselves through art while developing fine motor skills and visual-spatial awareness. This workshop is a canvas for young minds to color their thoughts, feelings, and faith, making every stroke a testament to their individuality and God's endless creativity.

Nature & Flower Workshop: Exploring God’s Earthly Garden

Step into the great outdoors with our Nature & Flower Workshop, where toddlers will discover the wonders of the natural world that God has created. Through hands-on activities, little explorers will learn about plants, flowers, and the environment, fostering an early appreciation for the beauty and stewardship of the earth. As they dig, plant, and explore, children will see firsthand how everything in nature is interconnected and how we're all part of God's magnificent garden.

Dress Code, School Items, Payment Information

Toddler Summer Dress Code

Top: Solid Color Polos* (Any Color) — Sleeveless polos for girls allowed

*Polos do not have to be the DaySchool logo polos for Summer

Bottom: Shorts, Khakis, or Jeans (Any Color) (Girls: Skirts & Skorts Allowed)

Shoes: Sneakers, Closed Toe Shoes (No Open-toe Shoes/Sandals)

Great places to shop from: Children's Place (Best Pick), Carter's, Old Navy, Amazon


Please pack whatever your toddler will eat. Please provide two snacks (one for the morning & one for after naptime). Please make sure all food is in containers that can be microwaved if the food is hot food.

Supplies (Put Name on Everything)

Backpack (Required), Sleeping Bag or Sleeping Cot with Sheets, Lunchbox, Water-bottle/Sippy Cup, Potty Training Supplies (Huggies & Baby Wipes) with Name on Supplies.

Great places to shop from: Amazon, Boscov's, or Bedding @ Department Store


  • Registration is $175 before June 7th. Registration after June 7th will be $200.​​ All registration must be paid through our Summer Registration Portal.

  • All payments (registration & monthly payments) can be made online using our online registration system (SEE LINK BELOW). It makes it easy to submit payments without having to come into the office. If you have any questions or issues with submitting payment, please contact Ms.Genesis.

  • Any family who has not submitted payment will not be allowed to drop their child off for Summer School. No exceptions.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the front office via email:

Point of Contact: Ms.Genesis Dorsey, Director of Admissions

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