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DaySchool Parent Society (DPS)

The Mission of the Parent Society is to recruit, train and motivate volunteers who are dedicated to assisting The DaySchool for Children in the fulfillment of its mission and vision. Like any community, our school is strengthened by the involvement of its families. Our goal at The DaySchool for Children is for all parents, grandparents, and family members to be actively participating in school activities in some capacity. We offer many volunteer opportunities and are confident that there is something that will appeal to you. 


The DaySchool Parent Society serves as a volunteer team to promote the mission of the school, to support the teachers and staff, to champion the cause of excellence in learning for our children, to support a culture of achievement, to strengthen parent/school communication within each division, to nurture through an active prayer ministry, and to carry out other duties designated by the leadership team. Whatever your interest or talent, you can make a difference at The DaySchool for Children!


The DPS meets regularly with the Jr. Director of The DaySchool. The meetings are held monthly. Notes from all meetings are submitted to the Director the week following the meeting and are available for reading within our Current Parent Portal. Individual teams meet as needs arise. Funds are accounted for every month and are discussed within monthly meetings for careful stewardship. We also have a fund that parents can give directly to as well to increase the funding of DPS as volunteers help to expand the vision of how we can grow as a community.


The Vision of The DPS is three-fold:

  1. To assist the Director in maintaining and strengthening excellence and assisting our children in becoming rooted in potential

  2. To encourage one another to be faith-filled and God-centered as a community

  3. To fill all volunteer positions at The DaySchool and train our volunteers to serve with excellence.

DPS is made up of a team of volunteers who serve the various areas mentioned below:

  • Friday Fun Team (Done in Foyer)

    • Our Friday Fun Day Team helps with lunch organization, delivery, and disbursement of Friday Lunches. Parents can opt-in and pay a monthly cost for their child to receive four meals (one per week) on Friday. Meals come from Chick-Fil-A, Pat’s Pizza, ect. Proceeds benefit Parent Society’s Activities & Teacher Love Days.

  • Mentor Monday (Done Bi-Monthly via Zoom) 

    • Our Mentor Team consists of parents who desire to make an intimate impact on our students via group mentoring. This team will focus on mentoring in small online groups in the following things:

      • Understanding Teamwork & Collaboration (Classroom B & C)

      • Self-Esteem and Worth in Christ

      • How to be a Gentleman/Lady 101

      • Learning Global Cultures

  • After School Programs

    • These are fun experiences hosted by parents for our children in the form of an after school virtual program. Parents will work with our office to create a four-week experience (4 classes total) from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM where they will achieve the solid understanding of a concept. Topics may include:

      • Creativity - Arts & Drama

      • Entrepreneurship & Financial Literacy​

  • The DaySchool Reader's Club

    • The DaySchool Reader's Club is a fun way for us to connect with our children. Parents and family members can come to read on a Reader's Club Day. We also use The DaySchool Reader's Club to connect with local and indie children's authors to support their literary works.​ Do you know of a children's author that would have a great book for our children to listen to? As a DaySchool Reader's Team Member you can help to connect amazing stories to our school.

  • Parent Ambassadors

    • Our Parent Ambassadors are DaySchool Parents who have been a part of our family for a minimum of 3 years and have a love for The DaySchool seen through their commitment to our vision and mission. Our Parent Ambassadors serve as a welcoming family for incoming families. Parent Ambassadors may be asked to call a new incoming family and welcome them to The DaySchool Family. Parent Ambassadors also help with writing welcome cards to new DaySchool families, ect. Parent Ambassadors are selected by the school individually but do serve as apart of DPS.


  • Teacher & Staff Love Days

    • Quarterly Teacher Lunch sponsored by Parent Society

      • December

      • March

      • June 1st

  • Special Events (One-Time Volunteering)

    • Black History Celebration hosted by DaySchool Parent Society (End of February)

    • Last Week of School (Spirit Week)

    • DaySchool Cotillion (First Week of June)

    • DaySchool Give Back - Community outreach and impact (Twice a Year)

      • Can Drive & Clothing Drive​

How to Volunteer

For our community members who are interested in serving alongside The DaySchool as a team member, fill out the form below and select which teams you are the most excited about. Each team will have up to 5 team members so that we do not have too large of a group and can spread everyone so that all teams can be fulfilled. Please note that DPS is open to families of The DaySchool including parents or guardians, grandparents, and family members.


The DaySchool has the right to remove a team member if there is cause such as not showing love or kindness to other team members, creating dramatic or chaotic situations, promoting contrary beliefs that do not align to mission of The DaySchool, and any form of negativity. We are very serious about protecting the DaySchool environment as one of love and faith. 

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