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We understand the importance of making current and potential families aware of our COVID-19 procedures and processes. Below you will find everything pertaining to our current policies set in place. We've tried to organize everything by category. If you have any questions, feel free to email us using the contact form on our Contact Page.

Students & Staff Health
All teachers and staff will be checked for Covid-19 on an ongoing basis. Symptoms and health checks will be required at home before arrival at school. Frequent hand washing routines will be implemented and hand sanitizer will be located throughout the building. 


Should a student feel ill during the school day, The child will be sent to an isolated area and parents will be called immediately.  If a child is sent home, the school MUST be informed of the results by a doctor.  No child will be allowed to return to school without clearance from the doctor. (This is normal policy).  If a person is found to have COVID-19 they must quarantine according to the state guidance.

The DaySchool for children in following the guidelines of John Hopkins Medical Community, we are advised to:

  1. Allow our children to continue to wear mask, if a parent desires them to (Children are no longer required to wear masks)

B. To have regular checks for COVID, particularly at the sign of a child being infected within a


C.  It is very important for parents to continue to alert the school if you or your child shows

     signs of COVID-19 or its variants so that we can be all tested as a school.  This will increase

     our protection.

D.  We encourage parents to take and give your children: Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc to

     build up the immune system.

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