We understand the importance of making current and potential families aware of our COVID-19 procedures and processes. Below you will find everything pertaining to our current policies set in place. We've tried to organize everything by category. If you have any questions, feel free to email us using the contact form on our Contact Page.

Students & Staff Health
All teachers and staff will be checked for Covid-19 on an ongoing basis. Symptoms and health checks will be required at home before arrival at school. Frequent hand washing routines will be implemented and hand sanitizer will be located throughout the building. 


Should a student feel ill during the school day, The child will be sent to an isolated area and parents will be called immediately.  If a child is sent home, the school MUST be informed of the results by a doctor.  No child will be allowed to return to school without clearance from the doctor. (This is normal policy).  If a person is found to have COVID-19 they must quarantine according to the state guidance.

Face Masks & Protection

Personal protection equipment and masks are proven to decrease the spread of COVID-19. Thus, it is very important they we all are understanding and regarding towards one another to provide the greater level of health and safety. As such, all faculty, staff and students (as appropriate by age) will be required to have a mask and wear the mask when moving around the building or when in close proximity to one another.  (Toddlers are not required to wear mask but parents may provide them if they desire)  This includes during arrival and departure. Masks may be removed at arrival at desks but must be worn when speaking. When engaged with academic, brain or play apparatus children do not need to wear masks except when talking. While teaching— faculty may wear a mask or a clear face shield.   The DaySchool has been provided with a number of both masks and face shields.  Students will be required to have a mask daily. If a child forgets their mask, the DaySchool will be able to supply them with one.  

Sleeping Bags (Toddlers & Classroom A)

Every Friday, teachers will send home children’s sleeping bags and pillows/rest items for CLEANING. Please make sure that they are washed over the weekend. They must be returned INSIDE a clean white or clear plastic bag. Teachers will wear gloves when handling all sleeping bags and rest items. 

Building Logistics & Parent Pick Up/Drop Off

Access to the church/school building & Toddler House will be restricted to limit the amount of exposure between individuals.  Only teachers and staff will be allowed into the classroom areas while school is in session. 

Morning Drop-Off: 

  • Drive to the front door with adult remaining in the vehicle

  • Child will exit the car entering into the front door greeted by staff

  • Student will need to wear their mask into the building and then wash hands before being with other students.  They will also have a daily health check with a temperature check before joining their classmates.

  • Note: After 8:20 AM, your child will be considered late. You will need to send us a message via ProCare that you have arrived at the front door and one of our front office staff will let you in. 


Afternoon Pick-Up:

  • 5 Minutes Before Arrival: Send us a message via ProCare that you are nearby for pickup

  • Our teachers will escort your child to the back door for pickup

  • Meet us at the back door for pickup & you’re on the way!

Daily Procedures & Strategies

  1. The DaySchool will be using the entire building to facilitate proper safety measures and to be able to spread ourselves out at appropriate times. Thus morning review for Classroom A will be held in the church Sanctuary.  Then children will break up into their small pods.  

  2. Children will now also use the multi-purpose area for the lunch hour. 

  3. Children will not be in mask all day. However, when children are speaking they will be required to wear mask to safeguard self and their peers.

  4. Toddler children will not be required to wear mask but all teachers will wear a mask and or face shield. Toddler teachers will also wear gloves during changing times and apparatus time etc.

  5. Fewer students will be accepted into the Toddler Program.

  6. While it is warm, we will also be utilizing our outside area as well.

  7. The classrooms and building will be disinfected daily.

  8. Cleaning supplies will be readily provided to each classroom.

  9. Children will use their own individual supplies without sharing. 

  10. Children will work in small groupings.

  11. Children will no longer do rugwork with a partner but will do their own rug work separately.

  12. Children will be allowed to play outside after sanitizing hands and should avoid touching each other.

  13. If children need to use general supplies, gloves will be worn. 

  14. Classroom A, B, C will have access to face shields during discussion time.

  15. Children will sanitize their hands after every transition and activity.

  16. All Staff will use mask as well as face shields and gloves at appropriate times.

  17. All Classrooms will have a HEPA air purifier which has been proven to support the elimination of viruses.


Parent Meetings & Discussions

Parent/Teacher Meetings will be signed-up for and take place through Zoom. Children’s completed work for the semester will be sent home at a separate time period in a large envelope for parents to inspect. Parent Discussion will take place during the school year.  We will use Zoom with a limit of 100 people.