1. Book a tour online or via the phone

2. Fill out the application (given during the tour)

3. Bring back application to the Front Office & pay $75 Application Fee

4. Schedule Parent Interview & Child Evaluation

5. Await decision from the Admissions Office

6. If accepted, begin enrollment process (contract signing, starting date announcement, ect.)


Due to the intimate size of our campus, once all seats have been filled, we move into our annual waiting list. We have a waiting list process for current year (rolling admission) and for the following school year. If a seat opens up during the year (rolling admission), we will contact parents who are awaiting for an open space for the current year to obtain that seat.

All current year parents are given their re-enrollment offer in the beginning of 2019. We give our current year parents until the beginning of Spring to submit their decision. During the Spring, we then open up to our waiting list for the upcoming school year to obtain a seat for their child.

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