Birthday Info + Form

We are so excited to help you celebrate your child’s birthday at the DaySchool for Children. We understand how important it is to celebrate their growth stages in life. 


How We Do Birthdays

We have a “birthday table” that we place in the middle of the large Multi-Purpose Room. The children form a circle around the table and sing happy birthday to the student. This happens before they all break for lunch. Then they break for lunch in their individual classrooms and we will then share the birthday desserts that you will bring to their individual classroom only. If you decide that you want to bring enough for all the classrooms, please note that on the birthday form. Please note that we will provide you with the classroom count of your child via ProCare.

Here are some details for your planning:

  • Lunch is at 12 Noon and ends at 1 PM EST

  • It’s best to drop off birthday items around 11:45 PM (right before lunch)

Birthday Party Information

  1. You must schedule your child’s birthday celebration via our scheduler at least 3 days in advance.

  2. We will allow desert dropoffs such as cake, cupcakes, ect. Please note that we will provide you with the classroom count of your child via ProCare. We recommend cupcakes, pre-packaged ice cream cups, or popsicles as an easy solution.

  3. If you wish to do a more elaborate birthday celebration such as sending an ice cream truck or a bouncy castle or anything more elaborate, please contact Ms.Genesis at the front office so we can coordinate this.

  4. We are offering “Zoom-In” birthday celebrations for parents where we will place you on a screen to view your child blowing out their candles in the middle of the MPR on our “birthday table” so they can hear you wish them a happy birthday with their classmates.

  5. If you wish to come in to physically see your child on their birthday, we will allow up to two people to enter our foyer area (only) and you can watch the birthday celebration happen in the MPR. Your child can exit the MPR to see you in the foyer. You will not be allowed to enter into the MPR. 

If you have any questions, contact Ms.Genesis on ProCare or email us at:!


To schedule your upcoming child’s birthday celebration use the button below!